GO4J Homepage

GO4J is a set of Java API to manipulate local GO (Gene Ontology) vocabulary. It has four features: parsing four kinds of GO defintion; organize all GO ids with directed graph; evaluating semantic similarity between any two GO ids; visualizing relations between any ids.

GO4J is Open Source software that is available at no charge. GO4J is supplied as is, without warranty, and may be freely used and distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) .

The current version of GO4J (1.1) is available as Java source code and compiled binary(Linux, Win 2000/XP).

Source code, binaries and documentation are available at the GO4J project pages at Bioinformatics.org
For Windows/Linux/Unix User, please download go4j1.1.zip

A Java runtime environment (1.4.x or above)must be installed if you plan to work with the GO4J. Downloads of the current version of Java and detailed documentation, are available at the Java Website.

GQ Zhang can be contacted via email: hm_zhang101@yahoo.com.cn