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Getting Started


AlignNemo has been tested on Linux Platforms. To run AlignNemo you must have a working Java Virtual Machine.

The installation of AlignNemo is quite simple: download and unzip the AlignNemo.tar.gz file contained in the Download Section of this Site.

Then you may start AlignNemo by executing the on Linux platforms.

In order to test AlignNemo we provide some input files included in the archive

  • yeast_ppi.nif is the yeast network in NIF file format (readable by AlignNemo)
  • drosophila_ppi.nif is the fly network in NIF file format (readable by AlignNemo)
  • InParanoid_dmela-yeast.ort is the orthology mapping among fly and yeast
  • BLAST_dmela-yeast.ort is the BLAST result files among fly and yeast