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                        Genome Assembly Study Group               


Introduction :        

        Genome Assembly is the process of taking raw single-pass reads into contiguous consensus sequence. The single pass-reads obtained from sequencer are arranged in overlapping manner to construct a contig. Many such contings are ordered and arranged to construct a whole genome/chromosome organization. 

        Genome assembly is a computationally intensive, tidious process involving the expertiese from both 'wet' biology as well as informatics. The process of genome assembly needs a strong collaboration between sequencing centre and the Bioinformatics professionals. 

        Various softwares are available for genome assembly, most popular of them are Phred-Phrap-Consed suite, Staden Package, Atlas, Arachne,TIGR assembler, CAP3 etc. Dealing with these softwares is not an easy job at all. There is a need of sharing the knowledge of these software and the process of Genome assembly. This group is intended to be used as a forum for all bioinformaticians as well as the other reasearchers working on Genome assembly.  



Swapnil Potdar
MSc Bioinformatics. 
Bioinformatics Centre 
University of Pune