Tools developed by Angelo Facchiano at the Laboratory of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, ISA - CNR, Italy

This tool has been designed to compare spectra, or similar data, by aligning signals and related intensity. Data input is made by simple copy-and-paste of each spectrum in the text box, with spectra separated by a line with a double backslash. See the example for explanation about the input format, and use the sample by copy&paste to try the tool.

N E W !

You can read here a paper that describes in more detail the NEAPOLIS tool.

Optional Job name for your utility:

Threshold for aligning values:

The minimum number of aligned signals to be reported in the result page:

Paste here the spectra data:

Additional output options:

Standard deviation for the mean intensity value:

Show only spectra with common signals to the reference (first) spectrum: