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This is only a collection of ideas, comments and opinions.


The BioNeeds Project is launched!

Project Overview

Current Content

Everything provided by this project is currently found under the FTP directory, and could be called the BioNeeds Resource Archive. Thanks to Dan Swan and Martin Gollery for their contributions.

Objectives (very beta)

  • Defining best practice for assessing the bioinformatics requirements of experimentalists.
  • Promoting basic training.
  • Perhaps to providing a service via external resources (HOWTO's etc.) to actually start serving experimentalists after probing them.
  • This last one is tricky, i.e. how to best make use of what already exists in abundance.




This project is hosted at Bioinformatics.Org and it is thanks to the open policy of BiO that projects like this can exist. View the BioNeeds project page

Comments and suggestions
If you have something to add, please do!

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