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branches/ 477 (10 years ago) by risbud: Added the following features: 1. Show Threshold Spheres 2. Show Neighbour Relationships within the first shell 3. Show second shell New methods added, are: 1. IntPairSet getfirstShellNbrs(Model, int) ( 2. IntPairSet getfirstShellNbrRels(Model, int) ( 3. void getmousePos() ( 4. void drawSpheres(Model, Model, String, Pair<Integer>) ( 5. void drawSpheres(Model, Model, String, IntPairSet) ( 6. void showSpheres(Model, Pair<Integer>) ( 7. void showSpheres(Model, IntPairSet) ( 8. void showSecShell(Model, IntPairSet) ( 9. void showShellRels(Model, IntPairSet) ( 10. void handleShowSpheres3D() ( 11. void handleShowShellRels() ( 12. void handleShowSecShell() ( Apart from the new methods, some new variables have been introduces in, to create icons, etc. The names are self-explanatory to correlate them with the above changes. New icon file is created (spheres.png) for "Show Threshold Spheres" The backend Python script "" has been edited to include method to draw sphere CGOs.
tags/ 459 (10 years ago) by duarte: Tagging version 0.9.3. Full java help, reorganised config variables, added license and windows/linux executables, updated versions of xml-rpc libraries to 3.1 and ws-commons to 1.02., fixed all pymol communication issues, also much faster thanks to command buffer file. Many bug fixes.
trunk/ 474 (10 years ago) by duarte: Now calling Model.getResType from drawCoordinates. Reimplemented getRestype with code from drawCoordinates, this should be more consistent + now should be safe to use getResType elsewhere
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