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docs/ 798 (7 years ago) by hstehr: Adding direct access link to CMView paper
jars/ 722 (7 years ago) by matt4077: adding jars which were apparently missing for running CMVIew
src/ 818 (4 years ago) by jmduarteg: Adding contact order in info dialog, it still has to be seen whether contact order is calculated as known in literature. At the moment it is my interpretation of it, which might not be right.
test/ 765 (7 years ago) by hstehr: First implementation of 'real time' contacts in PyMol; minor changes to LoupePanel
.classpath 767 (7 years ago) by jmduarte: Fixed .classpath pointint to owl and not aglappe-owl
.project 758 (7 years ago) by hstehr: Adding a crosshair to the loupe
LICENSE 490 (9 years ago) by duarte:
README 744 (7 years ago) by hstehr: updating version number to 1.1rc3; updating master cmview.cfg file; updating README file for distribution
build.xml 815 (5 years ago) by jmduarteg: Committing default owl.jar location and version values
cmview.bat 490 (9 years ago) by duarte:
cmview.cfg 742 (7 years ago) by hstehr: Preparing for 1.1rc2 release: 1. Hiding more features as experimental (Swap models, Copy contacts from 2nd to 1st, Load from Sequence, Load Casp server models) 2. Renaming 'Toggle Contacts' to 'Add/Remove Contacts' and 'Minimal subset' to 'Run Cone Peeling Algorithm' 3. Creating menu commands for 'Add/Remove Contacts' and 'Run Cone Peeling' 4. Updating version number to 1.1rc2 490 (9 years ago) by duarte:
gpl.txt 490 (9 years ago) by duarte:
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