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Author: lpetzo
Date: Fri Dec 14 16:38:59 2007 UTC (11 years ago)
Log Message:
class View:
- even more changes due to the new naming convention for selections and groupings
- constructor increments a View instance counter, dispose() decrements it

class Start:
- instance counter for class View -> VIEW_INSTANCES
- only the real owner of the PyMol process is allowed to quit PyMol on exit if that is enabled
- resetting of the PyMol url in case the PyMol port differs from the default port

class PyMolAdaptor:
- added function setting the PyMol-server url
- added functionality to gather all commands in a command buffer and write them to a file at a certain time. PyMol load this file as logfile and executes the commands: flush() -> send commands to PyMol, PyMolAdapter(String,File) -> constructs adapter with url and dump-file
--> HOWEVER: this does not work! kept it for rather sentimental reason.

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