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1 Compiled versions of fs_kit are available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.
2 Please download one of these versions if you do not wish to compile from source.
3 This file is only relevant for you if you wish to compile your own version of fs_kit.
5 fs_kit needs two external libraries to compile: the GNU Scientific Library (GSL)
6 and wxWidgets. You only need the latter if you wish to have a GUI instead of a
7 command line interface.
9 fs_kit and the libraries have been compiled with gcc 3.1 and 3.3.
10 To compile fs_kit with the GUI, define fs_gui_wxwidgets when compiling.
12 Windows
13 -------
15 NOTE: The Windows instructor are out of date, because the GSL is not
16 available anymore from [3].
18 On MS Windows, DevCPP was used as IDE [1]. Search for DevCPP to obtain it.
19 Furthermore, you may download a package containing wxWidgets by searching
20 for DevCPP and wxWidgets [2]. The GSL is also available pre-compile for MinGW,
21 which is the gcc port that DevCPP uses [3].
23 [1]
24 [2]
25 [3]
28 Mac OS X
29 --------
31 On Mac OS X, XCode has been used as IDE. You can download it from Apple.
32 I would suggest downloading fink and using it to obtain a binary of the GSL,
33 and to install wxMac from source. The fs_kit homepage has more info.
34 You can also find wxMac on the wxWidgets homepage. Follow the instructions to
35 compile it with XCode [xcode1] and, if necessary, to set up the project.
36 You can find helpful instructions at [xcode2]. The installation of both
37 libraries via fink is that the shared libraries are in the same place across
38 computers.
40 [xcode1]
41 [xcode2]