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Committed: Mon Mar 7 15:34:42 2005 UTC (13 years, 1 month ago) by knirirr
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1 # format: heading | action name | text to display in menu | sql
2 List all microsatellites|A|All microsatellites (by genome)|select * from repeats
3 List all microsatellites|by_footprint|All msats by footprint (ascending order)|select * from repeats order by footprint
4 List all microsatellites|repeat_type|All msats by repeat type|select * from repeats order by repeat_type
5 List all microsatellites|monos|All monos|select * from repeats where repeat_type='mono'
6 List all microsatellites|dis|All dis|select * from repeats where repeat_type='di'
7 List all microsatellites|tris|All tris|select * from repeats where repeat_type='tri'
8 List all microsatellites|tetras|All tetras|select * from repeats where repeat_type='tetra'
9 List all microsatellites|pentas|All pentas|select * from repeats where repeat_type='penta'
10 List all microsatellites|hexas|All hexas|select * from repeats where repeat_type='hexa'
11 List all genome information|B|All genomes|select * from genomes
12 Total numbers of genomes|E|Total genomes, by genus|SELECT genus as 'Genus', count(genus) as 'Total Genomes', min(genome_length) as 'Minimum Genome Size', max(genome_length) as 'Maximum Genome Size', avg(genome_length) as 'Average bp', sum(genome_length) as 'Total bp' from genomes group by genus
13 Total number of microsatellites per genome|H|Total msats per genome|SELECT binomial as 'Species', no_of_msats as 'Total microsatellites', genome_length as 'Genome Size', no_of_coding_regions as 'ORFs', gc_content as 'G+C' from genomes