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branches/ 1 (14 years ago) by filippis: Initial import of tools
tags/ 364 (12 years ago) by stehr: tagging version 0.8.5 in sync with CMView-0.8.5
trunk/ 385 (12 years ago) by lpetzo: NEW TYPES --------- - FileFormatError - FastaFileFormatError - PirFileFormatError - AlignmentConstructionError MODIFICATIONS ------------- class Alignment: - introduced new exceptions to be throw whenever file format error have been detected or any other construction errors occur - changed accession rules of function getGapCharacter from "public" to "public static" - new functions: * writeFasta class CiffileFormatError: - changed super class from Exception to the new FileFormatError class class GraphFileFormatError: - s. class CiffileFormatError class PairwiseAlignmentConverter: - added exception handling features due to class Alignment class PairwiseAlignmentGraphConverter: - s. class PairwiseAlignmentConverter class PdbFileFormatError: - s. class CifffileFormatError
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