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trunk/ 576 (12 years ago) by filippis: RIGraph:Now you can store unweighted graphs in db and also select the db that contains the ids for the single models. -paramater weighted added to write_graph_to_db and write_graph_to_db_fast methods. If true, it works as before (atomWeight is written to db field weight) else the db field weight gets always value 1. Methods without this parameter still exist and work as before. -protected field singleModelsDb and corresponding methods getSingleModelsDb and setSingleModelsDb have been added. All constructors set the singleModelsDb field to DEFAULT_SINGLEMODELS_DB which equals to "ioannis". Changes have been also made to write_graph_to_db and write_graph_to_db_fast methods to deal with the singleModelsDb field. DbRIGraph, testDbRIGraph:Changes have been also made to address the reading of (un)weighted graphs from db. has been added. You can create your own table with ids for the single models wherever you want. mode to drop tables has been added.
tags/ 555 (12 years ago) by duarte: Tagging 0.9.3 for CMView release 0.9.3
branches/ 488 (12 years ago) by duarte: T
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