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src/ 965 (10 years ago) by duarte: Fixed paths of tests (was missing the src directory since we moved everything under src)
jars/ 967 (10 years ago) by duarte: Forgot to really add the libraries in the last commit! 777 (12 years ago) by duarte: Added drmaa.jar to make file 789 (12 years ago) by filippis: white TO talyn 790 (12 years ago) by filippis: white TO talyn
Manifest.txt 882 (11 years ago) by stehr: updated version to 1.2.0 (forgot to change version number in last tag)
.project 951 (10 years ago) by duarte: Reorganised the project with a src folder for java source files. Added a jars dir with all jars needed for the project. Added .project and .classpath pointing to relative path of jars. The project should now work out of the box after a check-out with eclipse. No need to setup external jars or anything.
.classpath 966 (10 years ago) by duarte: Updated jung jars to version 2.0.1 (finally the release version, not alpha or beta!)
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