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litNet/ 1007 (9 years ago) by hstehr: refactoring: moved casp, deltaRank, embed, graphAveraging, ppi, sadp to owl
ppi/ 1007 (9 years ago) by hstehr: refactoring: moved casp, deltaRank, embed, graphAveraging, ppi, sadp to owl
embed/ 1018 (9 years ago) by hstehr: removing a warning in owl.embed.contactmaps.Demes
tests/ 1042 (9 years ago) by jmduarteg: New SiftsConnection and SiftsFeature classes for SIFTS pdb to uniprot mapping. Implemented the HasFeatures interface in Pdb. In the future we can hopefully use that mechanism for all features (sec. strucuture, scop and so on)
deltaRank/ 1057 (9 years ago) by matt4077: add psi/phi constraints from secondary structure to tinker reconstructions
decoyScoring/ 1059 (9 years ago) by jmduarteg: Fixed java doc
graphAveraging/ 1066 (9 years ago) by hstehr: new methods needed for CCCP: RIGraph.addEdgeIJ(i,j,weight), RIGEnsembl.loadFromDirectory(), GraphAverager.addZeroEdges(), SecondaryStructure.print()
casp/ 1070 (9 years ago) by jmduarteg: Fixed bug in TcoffeeRunner. The t_coffee process was hanging after spawning. This didn't happen before, it can be related to the version of t_coffee (I'm using 8.14). Basically t_coffee seems to be doing something weird with stderr and stdout, java doesn't like it and makes the process hang (as usual java has a lot of problems in this area, see StreamGobbler class). The way to solve it is use the -quiet switch of t_coffee that can be used to redirect output to a file or have a complete quiet terminal.
sadp/ 1084 (9 years ago) by matt4077: renamed conflicting ContactMap class.
gmbp/ 1163 (9 years ago) by jmduarteg: Got rid of german text (was causing a warning in compilation), anyway there shouldn't be any german... unless we start i8nsing.
core/ 1166 (9 years ago) by jmduarteg: Fixed bug: not allowing anymore the presence of gaps when choosing the representative CDS to uniprot match. Now the nucleotide alignments should be always correct (before they were shifted if there were gaps in CDS-to-uniprot)
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