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features/ 1372 (8 years ago) by jmduarteg: MAJOR INTERFACE CHANGE: the main PDB data loading interface has changed. Now all loading of data occurs through PdbAsymUnit. Refactoring of some classes: Pdb is now PdbChain.
sequence/ 1603 (6 years ago) by jmduarteg: Small fix to allow for underscore in blast query id
connections/ 1613 (6 years ago) by jmduarteg: Changing output options for some classes to be able to output residues with PDB residue numbering as well as CIF residue numbering
runners/ 1616 (6 years ago) by jmduarteg: Fixed minor issue: we were using residue 0 in order to create an empty selection but since now we use PDB residue numbers residue 0 is valid. We now use the "none" keyword used in pymol to create empty selections
util/ 1617 (6 years ago) by jmduarteg: Adding more possible start for a PDB file
structure/ 1625 (6 years ago) by jmduarteg: Fixed issue: now setting unknown atom type whenever we can't guess the element. If we read from PDB file and there is an unguesseable atom that we then have to write out again the code would fail because in writeAtoms we assume we have atom types for everything.
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