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util/ 1119 (10 years ago) by jmduarteg: Now checking also for ambiguous nucleotide codes (n, m) when translating. Changed implementation of translation by using the new Codon class.
structure/ 1170 (9 years ago) by hstehr: adding secondary structure functions to RIGEnsemble and GraphAverager: GraphAverager can now use DSSP to get consensus secondary structure from underlying structures.
sequence/ 1168 (9 years ago) by jmduarteg: Now catching the case when the best translation contains stop codons. This is usually due to a wrong genetic code, but for the moment it's still very difficult to know the genetic code from encoding organelle+organism taxonomy, so this is the temporary solution.
runners/ 1132 (10 years ago) by jmduarteg: New SelectonRunner class. More taxonomy information retrieved from uniprot.
features/ 1049 (10 years ago) by hstehr: removing @Override annotations which were causing compilation errors for me
connections/ 1147 (10 years ago) by jmduarteg: Implemented logging with log4j library
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