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proteinstructure/ 919 (10 years ago) by duarte: Fixed bug: was not handling correctly sequences with 'X' in reconstruction Fixed bug: Pdb.getPhi/Psi were failing because hasCoordinates(int,String) was NullPointing for unobserved residues. Added test case for getAllPhiPsi
sequence/ 762 (12 years ago) by duarte: Added length sanity check tests
tinker/ 885 (11 years ago) by duarte: Major change: now hydrogens are read in Pdb and subclasses New getChirality method in Residue. Added some more unit tests.
tools/ 743 (12 years ago) by duarte: New tests package (should be a folder and under it packages, but for now we can't do that until we move all source code to a src folder). Moved all existing tests to appropiate tests packages. New test PdbParsersTest: does cif against pdbase at the moment. Adde equals method to SecStrucElement Added some getters to Pdb
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