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tools/ 743 (12 years ago) by duarte: New tests package (should be a folder and under it packages, but for now we can't do that until we move all source code to a src folder). Moved all existing tests to appropiate tests packages. New test PdbParsersTest: does cif against pdbase at the moment. Adde equals method to SecStrucElement Added some getters to Pdb
sequence/ 762 (12 years ago) by duarte: Added length sanity check tests
proteinstructure/ 884 (11 years ago) by duarte: Major commit: - change of the implementation of Pdb (interface remains backwards compatible). Now data stored in a proper object-oriented way. Pdb not abstract anymore, a protein model can be created by using one of the constructors - added many tests and test files for Pdb (and merged some already existing tests from the default package) - removed obsolete classes related to msd - bug fix: PdbfilePdb now properly reads files with alt codes - all tests passed
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