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Revision: 884
Committed: Tue Aug 11 16:01:00 2009 UTC (10 years, 9 months ago) by duarte
File size: 70 byte(s)
Log Message:
Major commit: 
- change of the implementation of Pdb (interface remains backwards compatible). Now data stored in a proper object-oriented way. Pdb not abstract anymore, a protein model can be created by using one of the constructors
- added many tests and test files for Pdb (and merged some already existing tests from the default package)
- removed obsolete classes related to msd
- bug fix: PdbfilePdb now properly reads files with alt codes
- all tests passed
Line File contents
1 7ODC A
2 1WB4 A
3 2H6F B
4 1D2S A
5 1WVF A
6 1W0N A
7 3NUL A
8 1OD3 A
9 2GPI A
10 1OEW A