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.cvsignore 1.2 (18 years ago) by justin: minor README problem 1.1 (18 years ago) by justin: I have autoconfed the build and install process.
PortableServermodule.c 1.2 (18 years ago) by james: 1999-09-13 James Henstridge <> * PortableServermodule/PortableServermodule.c (checkCORBA): same here. * CORBAmodule/CORBAmodule.c (newORBObject): PyArgParseTuple returns 0 on error -- not -1. (checkCORBA): instead of just fprintf'ing a message that an exception occured, generate a python exception. Also call CORBA_exception_init after generating the python exception so it does not interfere with later operations. The CORBA_exception_init call should really be called from the python wrapper functions at the start of their body though. * samples/do, samples/handle, samples/testserver, samples/testclient: changed #!/usr/local/bin/python to #!/usr/bin/env python. * libIDLmodule/libIDLmodule.c (DL_EXPORT): check if it is defined. (IDLtree_get_value): the noscript option has been deprecated according to the libIDL headers (they renamed it), and it was breaking the build, so I removed the reference to it. * libIDLmodule/ (LIBIDL_FLAGS): use libIDL-config to deduce compiler flags. * Typesmodule/Typesmodule.c (DL_EXPORT): check if DL_EXPORT is defined. * PortableServermodule/PortableServermodule.c (DL_EXPORT): check if DL_EXPORT is defined before using it. (*): added some more checks to make sure return values are not CORBA_OBJECT_NIL. (initPortableServer): do not core dump if CORBA could not be imported. * CORBAmodule/CORBAmodule.c: added a few checks to see if CORBA_OBJECT_NIL was returned. In these cases, return None. This should prevent some of the segfaults I was seeing when playing around with the code. (argv_convert): there were seperate cases for lists and tuples. Replaced with single implementation using abstract sequence functions. (DL_EXPORT): older versions of python do not define this anywhere
poa.idl (18 years ago) by justin: orbitmod base for PyORBit
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