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Drugs Targets : 13
Drugs : 4
Genes : 80
Attenuated Vaccine : 4
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Aim of Project

To Use the genomic informatics into Drugs development with the help of bioinformatics technology.

To create a web enabled database for the Dengue Disease drugs targets and provide most useful information Like Genomic study, gene Information, Drug target information for the researcher ( to develop the batter Vaccines for the Dengue Disease)  and the Doctors for the Better treatment of the Dengue Patients 

Bioinformatics is the application of computer technology to the management of biological information. Computers are used to gather, store, analyze and integrate biological and genetic information Recent years have seen an explosive growth in biological data. It should be managed and stored for various purposes. Here comes the bioinformatics come to solve the management problem of database and easy retrieval of data. The main purpose of this project to provide an online database for researchers and for those who wish to work on Dengue Disease and Want to develop a New Drug. All the data are linked with GenBank (NCBI) files or other Sequence Servers for the reference.
This Database is providing 13 New or Existing Drug Targets, 80 Gene of Dengue Virus and 4 Drugs Information and 6 Attenuated Vaccines.

Topics Includes

The final conclusion is that the Output will be user friendly and organized in a manner so that anyone can access this database very easily. It included a Genomic Study, which include a Strand Information with the Graphical View. All data are collected from the Sequence Server and Drugs Server.
We directly given a link to download PDB (Structure File) from PDB Server.