current version : 0.4.0

What is it?

DND stands for Dream aNd Dreamer. The DND project intends to build a complete, user-friendly GUI of the Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Molecule on free software. DND uses GTK+ and GNOME as the GUI toolkit. It is in development. The reason to make this project is that I haven't found the Molecular Dynamics Package for the proteins under Linux and GNU GPL. The project started in December 1998.


99-6-10 : You can download dnd-0.5.1 snapshot.
Remember that there are bugs. Now it contains Molecular Dynamics simulation
99-5-29 : The DND mailing list was set up.
mailing list!.
99-5-20 : DND 0.5.1 is in the development
Now DND is available from dnd-module at The Open lab CVS Repository.
99-4-28 : DND 0.4.0 is announced.
It is possible to pick atoms on the OpenGL window.
99-4-16 : DND 0.3.4 is announced.
Fix Bugs.
99-4-11 : DND 0.3.3 is announced.
Now it is possible to read and to write PDB format and CHARMM format.
99-4-1 : DND 0.3.1 is announced.
99-3-24 : DND 0.3.0 is announced.
Now it is possible to generate "protein structure file" from a PDB file
99-3-19 : I announce the DND 0.2.2
99-3-18 : I announce the DND 0.2.1
99-3-8 : I am happy to announce DND package to the world.
99-3-5 : I made my homepage. ^^

Screen shots

dnd-0.5.x main screen shot
dnd-0.5.x file_loader
dnd-0.5.x md_runner
dnd-0.5.x OpenGL viewer


Before you install this program, you need the following program.
gnome-1.0.x, gtk+1.2.x, glib-1.2.x, gtkglarea-1.2.1, Mesa-3.0

Another Program :
The following program was made for the 3D lattice simulation


SooHaeng Yoo. (yoo@dnd.unl.edu)