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BioCocoa: Biolibrary for Obj-C - Downloads

biococoa 2.2.2 (tgz)

Release notes:

BioCocoa 2.2.2

- Removed 64-bit hacks for older GNUstep.

BioCocoa 2.2.1

- Update license for suffix array code to Lucent Public License
  Version 1.02, look at license.txt file.
- Minor bug fixes.

BioCocoa 2.2.0

- Change license to BSD style license, look at license.txt file.
- New BCDataMatrix class for managing 2-dimensional data matrices.
- New BCGeneExpression classes for managing gene expression data including
  parsing SOFT format.
- New BCPreference class for global settings, currently being used for
  a shared data directory to hold genome sequences, gene expression
  data, etc.

BioCocoa 2.1.1

- Bug fix release for GNUstep, set proper version for framework.




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