January, 2022:
  • The MakeMultimer server is no longer working.
  • A solution is planned for the next release of FirstGlance.
  • Meanwhile, the biological assembly is the initial view at:

Using the Results page from MakeMultimer (generated with the above button):
  1. View the biological unit by clicking the link View in FirstGlance.
  2. Interpret your results following the example below.

Example Explaining Interpretation

We'll use 1hho as our example. The asymmetric unit (published PDB file) of 1hho has 2 chains. In the Results, the biological unit(s) are called biomolecules.

For 1hho, the biological unit has more chains than the asymmetric unit. In other cases, the biological unit may have the same number of chains, or fewer chains. When the number is the same, the conformation is sometimes different! In Proteopedia, you will find a range of examples.

To try one of those examples, click on the PDB code. At the Proteopedia page on that PDB code, underneath the molecule, click on FirstGlance in the Resources line. In FirstGlance, click on Biological Unit.

This page is part of FirstGlance in Jmol (FirstGlance Credits). The MakeMultimer Server that generates the biological unit is the work of Michael Palmer.