Chain A WITHIN 1HXW.
Listing by FirstGlance in Jmol.

DEFINITIONS by FirstGlance for Contacts & Non-Covalent Interactions.

760 atoms make up the entire target.
According to the checkboxes currently checked, 154 atoms are currently shown contacting the target.
(If not all checkboxes are currently checked, some additional contacts may not be shown.)

All non-covalent bonds listed below are putative.
When all checkboxes are checked, the following numbers of contacting atoms are displayed:

CategoryAtoms contacting targetFind..*Target atoms being contactedFind..*
Hydrogen-bonded water†47 water oxygen atoms~cont_hbonds and water and oxygen59 target atoms contacting water~targ_to_water
Water in water bridges‡10 water oxygen atoms~water_bridges and water and oxygen14 target atoms in water bridges~water_bridges and ~contarget
Water bridged non-water12 non-water atoms~water_bridges and not (water or ~contarget)dittoditto
Hydrogen-bonded non-water32 non-water atoms~cont_hbonds and not water30 target atoms~targ_hbonds
Hydrophobic apolar van der Waals interactions64 contacting carbon or sulfur atoms~cont_hphob57 target carbon or sulfur atoms~targ_hphob
Protein to protein salt bridges 7 contacting charged atoms~cont_sb6 target charged atoms~targ_sb
Protein to protein salt bridges involving ends of chains§‡3 contacting charged atoms~cont_sb_ends2 target charged atoms~targ_sb_ends
Protein to protein cation-pi interactions 7 contacting atoms~cont_catpi7 target atoms~targ_catpi
Protein to protein cation-pi interactions involving ends of chains§‡ 7 contacting atoms~cont_catpi_nterm or ~cont_catpi_endrings7 target atoms~targ_catpi_nterm or ~targ_catpi_endrings
Metal and miscellaneous interactions 0 contacting atoms~cont_memi0 target atoms~targ_memi

*These terms can be used in the Find.. dialog in the Focus box of FirstGlance to put halos on the corresponding atoms.
†These counts include atoms in water bridges. To find only the atoms not in water bridges, add "and not ~water_bridges" at the ends of the terms in the Find.. columns.
‡These counts are included in the counts in the previous row.
§Protein to protein salt bridges or cation-pi interactions involving ends of chains can be sidechain-to-end or end-to-end. Ends.. (Tools tab) has a link to put halos on all chain termini. Salt Bridges & Cation-Pi.. (Tools tab) has a link to list all salt-bridged atoms. 1hxw has both salt bridges and cation-pi interactions involving ends of chains: Find 1-16 and target contacts to atoms with halos.