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Education: Online courses in computational biology @ The University of Manchester
Submitted by Heather Vincent; posted on Friday, December 07, 2012
Submitter As the genomics, and now the epigenomics, revolutions open up whole new areas of research, biologists have access to huge amounts of data from transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics. At the same time medicine is involved in the largest and most ambitious IT project in the world -- the capture and interpretation of electronic patient records. This information will make health care much more effective by making it easier to spot new diseases early -- whilst they can still be contained and controlled.

At the heart of these developments are data and knowledge -- and a real need and demand for the skills and techniques that computational methods can bring these problem areas. Biology and healthcare now provide some of the fastest growing and most challenging areas in which biologists and computer scientists must work together to apply their skills.

Our courses in Digital Biology will help you to develop the core skills needed to work in these new areas. You may begin by taking individual units, and then decide whether to progress to complete a formal qualification by distance learning.

The courses beginning in February 2013 are:
* Introduction to BioHealth Informatics
* Mathematics for metabolic modelling
* Introduction to software development in Java
* Databases and Modelling
* Object-oriented analysis and design with UML

For further details of the Masters programme in Digital Biology, please visit our website: [link]

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