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Opportunity: Human Genome Analyst @ UC San Diego -- San Diego, CA (US)
Submitted by Olivier Harismendy; posted on Wednesday, February 20, 2013
The UC San Diego Division of Genome Information Sciences has an open position for a bioinformatician / Genome Analyst. Our group studies the function of regulatory DNA variation and its impact on human traits and diseases. By mining disease association datasets as well as maps of human genetic variation and regulatory elements in the genome, we identify likely disease causing non-coding variants, propose regulatory mechanism and determine their impact through functional assays.

* Perform statistical analysis of large genomic datasets, including quality control, data integration and data mining.
* Implement strategies for Data modeling and prediction.
* Summarize and report results to the team and external collaborators via oral and written presentations.
* Participate in the division projects, cross-training and tool development.

* MS+3 years or PhD in biostatistics or bioinformatics
* Proficiency in R and one programming language (Perl, Python, C++, Java)

* Strong analytical background (mathematics, computer sciences or statistics)
* Familiar with human genomic assays analysis (ChIP-Seq, RNA-Seq)
* Familiar with human genomic databases (UCSC Browser, ENCODE, TCGA)
* Comfortable analyzing large heterogeneous datasets

Full time

UC San Diego School of Medicine

Based on experience

Send a CV with a cover letter describing current research interests and including contact information for three references to Olivier Harismendy (oharismendy[at]

April 15th 2013

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