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    Opportunity: Analytical Research Associate (#75667) @ Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory -- Berkeley, CA (US)
    Submitted by Jeff Todd; posted on Tuesday, March 12, 2013



    This is a position in the DOE's ABPDU (Advanced Biofuels Process Demonstration Unit) Analytical group providing data for technology transfer from clients, technology adaptation, technology development and process demonstration for the production of advanced biofuels and other biochemicals derived from biomass. Essential to success is the command of a broad spectrum of analytical (compositional analysis, gas and liquid chromatography, rheology, electrophoresis) and computational (data management, process economics, carbon footprint) methods applicable to advanced biofuel production. This individual will contribute to the development, certify and execute routine protocols to assess and report process outputs while supporting the data management infrastructure for the Analytical group at the ABPDU. The Analytical Research Associate will be a contributor to publication-quality data and may assist with authorship of publications and as well as proposals, client/internal reports, grant and patent applications.


    • Contribute to developing methods and perform analyses to assess advanced biofuel and related biochemical production processes. Methods include but are not limited to HPLC, GC, HPAEC, viscometry, rheometry, and FTNIR.
    • Contribute to developing and using methods such as FPLC, ultrafiltration, SDS-PAGE, fluorescence, UV, and other tools to prepare and assess biomass, deconstructed biomass, processing enzymes, process performance parameters, facility operational samples, biofuels and other biomass-derived biochemicals.
    • Work cross-functionally, as needed, in other areas of the ABPDU for biomass deconstruction, fermentation, and general laboratory operations.
    • Collect and analyze data in written reports and oral presentations for staff and facility clients/collaborators.
    • Use software packages to analyze process economics and carbon footprint.
    • Contribute to developing and maintaining sample tracking procedures.
    • Assess process performance metrics against ongoing lead time goals and collaborator expectations.
    • Under the management of the work-lead or supervisor, assist with other problem solving and prevention efforts.
    • Apply lean production principles, such as 5S, continuous improvement, and daily accountability plans.
    • Perform minor repairs, order supplies, and coordinate with service providers for repairs and preventive maintenance.
    • Participate in group meetings.
    • Assist with training and assisting with the workflow of other technical staff, as assigned.
    • Participate in the authoring of manuscripts, grant proposals, and patent applications.
    • Maintain an accurate and detailed scientific logbook of all experiments performed. Ensure that others are able to duplicate results.
    • Assist with day-to-day lab management such as ordering, inventory maintenance and waste management.


    • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry or Biochemistry, or equivalent experience
    • Demonstrated hands-on experience in the use of modern analytical instruments and techniques
    • Demonstrated ability to work in teams, and with guidance from supervisors and collaborators
    • Demonstrated ability to maintain appropriate records and manage data
    • Excellent computer skills. Experience with modeling program desired.
    • Exemplary ethical conduct of integrity, honesty, and mutual respect, both intellectually and in interpersonal workplace interactions
    • Strong verbal and written communication skills with ability to contribute to grant proposals and scientific publications.
    • Ability to lift up to 50 pounds.
    • Work cross-functionally and collaboratively, and exhibit willingness to learn new techniques associated with other functions of the ABPDU (e.g. fermentation and pretreatment)
    • Ability to document and maintain accurate laboratory experimental records
    • Ability to develop and follow well defined protocols to produce consistent reproducible results
    • Ability to work as part of a larger team to assist staff scientists and GSRAs and accomplish research goals


    This is an indefinite (career) appointment.


    Berkeley, CA




    For full consideration, follow the link to the job posting and apply directly to Berkeley Lab. As part of the online application process, please complete a profile, including uploading attachments relevant to the opportunity. Be sure to reference where you found the position.[...]75667


    Berkeley Lab is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer committed to the development of a diverse workforce.

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