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    Opportunity: Five young investigator positions @ Institute for Computational Biology -- Montpellier, France
    Submitted by Patrick Lemaire; posted on Tuesday, March 26, 2013


    The Institute for Computational Biology (IBC) will hire five young investigators for each of the five work-packages, typically with a PhD plus 3-year post-doc and solid experience in international research, a high level of publishing, strong communication abilities, and a taste for multidisciplinary research. Working full-time at IBC, these young researchers will play a key role in Institute life. They will actively participate in receiving foreign researchers and organizing seminars and events (schools, conferences...). They will help coordinate work within the work-packages and will be at the forefront of producing deliverables. In exchange, these young researchers will benefit from an exceptional environment thanks to the presence of numerous leading international researchers, not to mention significant autonomy for their work. These positions are open for up to 4 years, with a net monthly salary of 2,350 Euros/month, which is approximately 300 Euros more than a standard post-doc salary in France, and clearly enough to live in the Montpellier area.

    Details for each work-package:

    WP1: HTS
    This project aims first at conceiving and developing new algorithms for analyzing millions of sequences and involving complex techniques in text indexation, compression and algorithmics on classical or high performance computing architectures. These novel algorithms form the core of bioinformatics programs that will help investigating the transcriptome complexity. In the framework of a large cancer genomics project, we will exploit these programs to analyze over 100 tumoral genomes and transcriptomes as well as their normal counterparts. The candidate will participate in either of two aspects: (1) practical algorithms and indexing data structures for NGS processing; (2) bioanalysis of cancer genomes and transcriptomes.

    WP2: Evolution
    Our research involves evolutionary analyses of large-scale genomic data, at the interface between phylogeny and population genetics. The candidate will develop research on some of the following topics: inference of very large phylogenies, reconciliation of gene/species trees at a genomic scale, detection of selection, inference of population divergence, dating and migration studies, simulation-based inference. Application domains will be quite open, with emphasis on virus evolution and plant genomes. We are seeking a candidate with a strong background in mathematical and computational evolutionary biology, with interest in applications and software development.

    WP3: Annotation
    We are seeking for a high level computer scientist with strong experience in bioinformatics; knowledge in 3D protein structures and/or statistical learning is a plus. The candidate will contribute to the development and integration of bioinformatics tools for an interdisciplinary project dealing with structural and/or functional annotations of pathogen proteomes. The successful candidate will have good knowledge in one or several of the following topics: statistical learning, hidden Markov models, pattern matching, 3D and geometry algorithmics, protein domains, unstructured regions, tandem repeats, gene ontology

    WP4: Imaging
    Our research involves Integration of 4D imaging data with functional genomics in plant and animal developmental biology. The candidate will contribute to the development of a software platform for image analysis. Two main directions are proposed: storage, annotation and handling of volumetric images obtained by confocal or light-sheet laser microscopy and development of a concept of 4D atlases, whereby cellular (e. g. geometry, mechanics) and molecular (e. g. gene expression) parameters can be projected onto "average" organ geometries. The final aim is to provide novel solutions to explore the genotype to phenotype relationships. Candidates will have a strong background in computer science and analysis of volumetric and segmented images.

    WP5: Databases
    We are seeking for a candidate with strong experience in distributed data management, in particular data integration, a good grasp on implementation aspects and interest for biology applications. The candidate will participate in the design and implementation of a data framework for plant genomics.


    For more information and to apply:


    June 15, 2013

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