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    Opportunity: HPC Performance Engineer (#75745) @ Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory -- Berkeley, CA (US)
    Submitted by Jeff Todd; posted on Thursday, April 04, 2013



    The Advanced Technology Group (ATG) focuses upon understanding the requirements of current and emerging scientific applications with the goal of making hardware design and configuration choices to best serve the needs of science at the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC). NERSC is a world leader in accelerating scientific discovery through computation, providing high performance computing, data storage and analysis tools and expertise to researchers.

    As a member of the Advanced Technology Group you will contribute to an on-going team effort to develop a complete understanding of the issues that contribute to optimal application and computer system performance on extreme-scale advanced architectures. The HPC Performance Engineer (Computer Systems Engineer) will assist NERSC in evaluating existing and emerging HPC systems by analyzing the performance characteristics of leading-edge DOE Office of Science application codes. The successful applicant will require knowledge of computer architecture, with a particular focus on understanding the implications of upcoming computer technologies on the scalability and programmability of future scientific computing applications.

    Depending on the skill level, the successful candidate may be hired as a Computer Systems Engineer (CSE) 2, 3, or 4.


    • Measure and analyze the performance and parallel scalability of key scientific applications that comprise NERSC's evolving workload on current and future high performance computing (HPC) and data intensive platforms using a hierarchy of benchmark programs. This requires porting and building complex applications on a variety of different operating systems and hardware.
    • Profile applications to identify architectural and algorithmic bottlenecks with a particular emphasis on emerging manycore effects. Propose remedies to the identified bottlenecks via software restructuring and/or architectural improvement with comprehensive understanding of any trade-offs in design, cost, and software engineering effects.
    • Assess emerging technologies in architecture, algorithms, parallel programming paradigms, and languages to provide input for HPC system procurements and DOE technology roadmaps out past the next decade. Work with vendors to prioritize, develop and enhance their technologies in order to better meet the needs of DOE Office of Science application codes.
    • Develop techniques to assess the needs of the DOE workload in aggregate. Work to determine potential trade-offs and to match specific technologies to specific classes of applications as needed.
    • Prepare timely reports, papers, and lectures describing significant results for dissemination within NERSC and throughout the broader HPC research community. The ability to contribute performance-related expertise to cross-team NERSC activities that may involve application performance tuning, interconnects, storage I/O, and data analysis functions.
    In addition to the above listed duties of a CSE 2, the CSE 3 will:
    • Take a lead role in some of the activities described above, take responsibility for complex problems, have frequent interactions with NERSC users to provide technical expertise and will be expected to share results with the broader HPC community by participating in conferences. The CSE 3 will be responsible for producing LBNL technical reports and possibly formal papers to document results. This position will also participate in extrapolation of technology trends over the next decade of leading-edge HPC platforms for the DOE Exascale computing program.
    In addition to the above duties of a CSE 3, the CSE 4 will:
    • Provide technical conceptual guidance to other group members and management, suggest directions for investigation, create new opportunities for NERSC, serve as a principal collaborator on major projects, and be responsible for fostering broader community-wide benchmarking efforts where organizations outside of NERSC will use NERSC benchmarks and report back results. This position also requires producing LBNL technical reports and formal papers to document results, and participate in multidisciplinary research activities in exascale technology. Also, the CSE 4 will participate in the NERSC decision-making process for acquisition of new HPC systems.


    • Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, Computational Science or equivalent experience and a minimum of four to five years experience in software development on parallel/HPC systems.
    • Detailed understanding of state-of-the-art tools used to program, profile, and debug parallel MPI, PGAS, OpenMP, and hybrid-parallel codes using C, C++, and Fortran 77/90 code.
    • Experience in benchmarking, code instrumentation, and performance analysis or parallel applications with emphasis on emerging multicore and manycore architectures.
    • Experience with construction, porting and/or analysis of large-scale scientific applications to a variety of parallel HPC platforms, including Linux, IBM AIX, and IBM BlueGene.
    • Experience with the use of script languages and system utilities such as configure, Perl, UNIX shell scripts, and "make."
    • Experience in the UNIX operating system environment and writing/maintaining large programs using C++, C, and/or Fortran.
    • Proven record of working effectively in a team, seeing projects through to completion, meeting deadlines, interacting with users, and thorough documentation of contributions.
    • Familiarity or experience with industry-standard benchmark programs and methods.
    • Experience with computer architecture will be advantageous.


    In addition to the qualifications above for a CSE 2, a CSE 3 will have:
    • Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, Computational Science or equivalent experience and a minimum of eight years experience in software development on parallel/HPC systems.
    • Experience with performance profiling tools, hardware performance counters (e.g. IBM HPMcount, Cray PAT, or PAPI), and/or code instrumentation systems like Tau.
    • Experience using performance analysis tools (e.g. hardware performance counters and code instrumentation frameworks like Tau).
    • A demonstrated ability to lead technical efforts with teams of people
    • Demonstrated track record on research and technical publications.
    • Ability and willingness to write and present technical papers at conferences and other venues to disseminate research work is required.
    Desired: Masters degree in Computer Science, Computational Science or related field.

    In addition to the qualifications above for the CSE 3, the CSE 4 will have:
    • Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, Computational Science or equivalent experience and a minimum of twelve years experience in software development on parallel/HPC systems.
    • Experience using modeling software to project performance.
    Nationally and or internationally recognized expertise in performance analysis/characterization of scientific codes and/or computing system architectures.
    • Demonstrated understanding of HPC computer architecture issues including CPU, memory, interconnect, parallel I/O performance tuning and networking performance.
    • Experience with microbenchmarks and ability to write microbenchmarks that are able to exhibit the same performance characteristics as the full application code.
    Desired: PhD in Computer Science, Computational Science or related field.


    This is an (indefinite) Career appointment.


    Berkeley, CA




    For full consideration, follow the link to the job posting and apply directly
    to Berkeley Lab. As part of the online application process, please complete a profile, including uploading attachments relevant to the opportunity. Be sure to reference where you found the position (Bioinformatics.Org).[...]75745


    Berkeley Lab is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer committed to the development of a diverse workforce.

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