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    Opportunity: New positions @ SLU -- Uppsala, Sweden
    Submitted by Erik Bongcam-Rudloff; posted on Monday, April 15, 2013


    We hereby announce two two-year postdoctoral positions and one two-year licentiate position in the above effort supported by Formas and VR/Sida.


    Infectious diseases constitute one of the most important present and future challenges for human and animal health. A wide range of new and/or so far "unknown" infectious diseases has emerged during the recent years and even more are predicted to threat the animal and human population. Many of these may be appearing from hitherto unknown agents that are still not known. The rate of discovery of new microbes and of new associations of microbes with health and disease is accelerating. Many factors contribute to this phenomenon including true emergence of new pathogens as well as new technologies and paradigms that enable their detection and characterization. The novel science of "Viral Metagenomics" (VM) opens a completely new path to solve unanswered questions on the complex infection biology of infectious diseases. To be able to use the full potential of VM some aspects needs to be improved and especially the massive amounts of data that will be generated needs to be better understood to unravel the impact of the findings. The overall scope of this research effort is therefore to combine VM and bioinformatics and lead the field into a higher level. We will establish two two-year post-doc positions that work in a collaborative effort, where one will focus on the computer and programming part, and the other one will work in the forefront of VM to fine-tune the methodology as well as generate experimental data. In association to this a Licentiate student will work with applying viral metagenomics to identify pathogens circulating in the wildlife-livestock interface in Mozambique to allow a better preparedness for future emerging diseases. This is a joint effort from two leading departments in the area, Department of Biomedical Sciences and Veterinary Public Health (BVF) and Animal Genetics (HGen) at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences. The joint group consist presently of both PhD students and post-doc researchers in a very active research environment.

    The Viral Metagenomics researcher:
    We would like you to have a strong interest in infectious diseases, preferable a background in virus research, with a very strong molecular background, including sequence analysis etc. Knowledge in virus cultivation and virus-host interaction studies is an advantage. This project involves a considerable creative freedom and therefore the holder of this position needs the ability to work independently with the tasks designated to this position of the project but to do parts of this in close collaboration with the Bioinformatician. A PhD in the fields of Veterinary Medicine, Biomedicine, Molecular biology, Medicine or similar is required, as this is a postdoctoral position the PhD degree should have been awarded no more than three years ago at the time of application.

    Post-doc tjänst i Viral Metagenomik/Post-doc position in Viral Metagenomics Uppsala/Diarienummer: 1629/2013.

    The researcher in Bioinformatics:
    We would like you to have a strong background in bioinformatics and a programming record and preferable a background in metagenomics research. This project is a teamwork and therefore the holder of this position should be used to work independently to develop the tools and workflows needed in the project work to be done in close collaboration with the other team members. A PhD in the fields of Bioinformatics, Computational biology or similar is required, as this is a postdoctoral position the PhD degree should have been awarded no more than three years ago at the time of application.

    Post-doc position as Bioinformatician/Post-doc in Bioinformatics Ref no. SLU ua 1910/2013.

    The Licentiate student:
    The Licentiate student will mainly work with a project together with scientist in Moçambique. The overall scope of this project is to investigate viruses in the borderline between wild-life, vectors, domestic animals and humans in order to find potential new emerging viruses. The position will lead to a Licentiate degree in the subject Pathobiology/Microbiology and a MSc or equivalent in a relevant field is required such as for example veterinary science or biology. Experience and knowledge in infectious diseases and molecular techniques is desired. As this is a cooperative project with Moçambique this person will spend considerable time in this country for sample collection, preparation etc. Also see separate text.

    Licentiand i Virologi/Licentiand in Virology Uppsala/Diarienummer: 1670/2013.


    For more information see also SLU homepage ( how to apply for the above positions.

    For the about the Postdoctoral position in Bioinformatics Erik Bongcam Rudloff 018- 672121 (erik.bongcam[at]

    For information about the Postdoctoral position in Viral Metagenomics and The Licentiate student contact: Mikael Berg 018-674627 (Mikael.berg[at]

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