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Opportunity: Bioinformatics Field Applications Scientist (FAS) @ Pacific Biosciences -- Baltimore, Boston, New York City (US)
Submitted by Pacific Biosciences; posted on Wednesday, May 22, 2013
Pacific Biosciences is seeking a Bioinformatics Field Applications Scientist with a strong customer focus to support bioinformatics training and analysis for collaborators and customers using SMRT® sequencing data. The candidate will employ expertise in bioinformatics, data analysis, biological insight, and software engineering. The ability to communicate with customers both pre- and post-sales; interact with marketing; internal support and development; and communicate results to diverse audiences are important aspects of this role. This scientist will be working in a fast-paced commercial environment, interacting with customers, other scientists and engineers from a wide variety of backgrounds. This individual is a partner to the customer in the understanding and analysis of data derived through use of next-generation high throughput sequencing systems. The position is field based.

* Train bioinformatics customers and collaborators on PacBio data characteristics, target applications, and PacBio and other open source academic tools

* Assist customers and collaborators in experimental design and analysis to promote the use of the Pacific Biosciences instrumentation in their laboratories

* Problem-solve to overcome technical challenges (including basic Linux operation, Pacific Biosciences analysis software, and operation of bioinformatics analysis pipelines)

* Provide timely technical and application assistance in response to customer inquiries

* Utilize and integrate both Pacific Biosciences tools and open source academic tools to help analyze data in support of customers

* Provide scientific and applications feedback to marketing, development and sales

* Assist sales and support in pre-sales functions as well as working with customers to understand and integrate their work flows

* Conduct scientific presentations to internal and external audiences

* Work with marketing and R&D teams to continually improve the bioinformatics capabilities and workflows associated with next generation sequencing data to support use of the platform in general and in strategic application areas

* Min. Master's degree, PhD Preferred in bioinformatics, life science, statistics, and/or computer science degree

* Experience with Next Generation Sequencing analysis and pipelines

* 3+ years experience in bioinformatics. Familiarity with a scripting language such as Perl or Python is preferred. Familiarity with a statistical package such as R or Matlab is preferred

* Intermediate level of experience in Unix operating systems

* Ability and willingness travel up to 50%

* Strong presentation and communication skills required

* Sufficient familiarity with the paper publication process and associated experimental design requirements.

* Strong trouble-shooting abilities

* Ability to work independently and collaboratively

* Customer minded individual with the empathy to understand customer concerns

* Team player who can effectively integrate internal and field based activities across functions to support customer requirements

Please visit: [link]

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