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Journals: F1000Research -- waiving fees on software and web tool articles
Submitted by Michael Markie; posted on Thursday, July 25, 2013
Releasing information in incremental steps is nothing new to software developers, for whom releasing updates for existing programmes is standard practice. The launch of a new bioinformatics tool is often accompanied by a paper describing the tool for new users. However, due to subsequent regular updates and patches, the original paper describing the tool gradually becomes outdated.

F1000Research ( is an Open Science Journal for life scientists with a unique way of publishing: articles are published immediately with formal, transparent peer review after an article is published. F1000Research's system also allows the updating and threading of papers, which makes it easy to include updates about new software releases.

To encourage bioinformatics tool developers to try this new way of publishing, we are inviting the submission of software and web tool papers, and subsequent updates free of charge to F1000Research. If you have a paper to publish describing your bioinformatics software, you can use the code SOFT13 to submit free of charge before 2014 - See more at: [link].

If you want to follow the conversation on Twitter then follow the hashtag #SOFT13 or if you want to know more about us, then please contact the F1000Research team at research[at]

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