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Opportunity: Bioinformatics Analyst / Programmer @ Massachusetts General Hospital -- Boston, MA (US)
Submitted by Martin Aryee; posted on Tuesday, August 13, 2013
Applications are invited for a programmer/analyst position in the laboratories of Dr. Keith Joung and Dr. Martin Aryee in the Molecular Pathology Unit of Massachusetts General Hospital. We are seeking a highly motivated individual to work with our team of researchers and clinicians to develop and maintain bioinformatics infrastructure and tools for basic and translational research projects. The successful candidate will join a thriving and collaborative research community and become involved in a range of ongoing efforts. Areas of focus will include software for genome engineering ([link] and [link]) and analysis tools for mining cancer genome sequencing data.

* Work with members of the Joung and Aryee labs to develop bioinformatics tools
* Evaluate, select and implement existing bioinformatics tools
* Write software to implement analysis algorithms developed by members of our group
* Maintain data analysis pipelines
* Maintain web servers
* Produce software documentation for developers and end-users
* Participate in collaborative research projects with investigators at MGH, the Broad Institute and other partner institutions

* Programming experience in several of the languages and environments currently used in the labs: C#, ASP.NET, Java, R, Perl, Python, VB.
* Experience in both Windows and Linux environments
* Strong analytical and algorithm development skills
* Desire and proven ability to work in multidisciplinary teams including software developers and end-users

* Software engineering experience in a team setting
* Experience with IIS or other web server management
* Familiarity with molecular biology concepts
* Some database management experience
* Experience with high-dimensional biomedical data and technology platforms

Please visit:

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