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Events: Symposium on Accelerating Biology 2014 -- Computing Life
Submitted by vinod jani; posted on Tuesday, January 07, 2014
February 18-20, 2014
Yashawantrao Chavan Academy of Development Administration (YASHADA), Pune, India

In-silico biology has truly come of age, wherein global consortiums assisted by large cyber infrastructure facilities are coming close to solving difficult problems in biology. As we equip ourselves with large supercomputing facilities and high speed networks, some of the grand challenge problems in biology can possibly be addressed. The sheer volume and complexity of data being generated in life sciences is crippling the current cyber infrastructure facilities and driving the demand newer and faster computing technologies. An extremely high level of automation in the form of high throughput analytics would be required to analyze this Big Data to generate knowledge. It is expected that, in due course of time, the information and knowledge generated, will start flowing downward to benefit different sectors of human health, agriculture, livestock and environment.

Accelerating Biology 2014 (Computing Life) is a 3-day symposium on current trends in Bioinformatics. The sessions will comprise of invited talks from eminent academicians from esteemed institutes. The symposium is targeted at students and researchers from academic institutes, universities and Bioinformatics industries.

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