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Education: GMOD Online Training
Submitted by girlwithglasses; posted on Friday, April 25, 2014
Monday 19th May - Friday 23rd May 2014; 9am - 6pm US Eastern time

GMOD Online Training offers an introduction to, and training in, the bioinformatics software offered by the Generic Model Organism Database project. Over five days, participants will learn about GMOD's free, open-source tools for visualising, storing, and disseminating genetic and genomic data.

Components covered in the course include:
* Chado database schema
* Galaxy analysis pipeline
* GBrowse and JBrowse genome browsers
* MAKER and MAKER-P genome annotation pipelines
* Tripal website generator and database interface
* WebApollo manual gene annotation software

The course is taught by experienced instructors and developers with deep knowledge of the tools and their applications. Attendees will be able to chat individually with tutors to ask questions and get assistance with problems. By the end of the course, participants will have hands-on experience of setting up and using core components needed for a modern genomics project. We will be awarding Open Badges for each session of the course that the attendees successfully complete.

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