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Homepage is up
Submitted by Paul Rangel; posted on Saturday, July 13, 2002 (2 comments)
The code won't be in for a while so to keep eveyone happy I've put up the homepage with a description of the project. Please feel free to contact me if you have more questions and stay tuned for updates.

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More info?
Submitted by Nobody; posted on Monday, August 26, 2002
I've been going over ideas of developing a system that seems to be in the vein of what you describe though I'm not sure. It would certainly be quite an undertaking and is frankly, outside my personal expertise, so I'd much rather be able to utilze open code and potentially expand on that. Can you post any more detail on what your system will do? It would be a great help in my decision to either wait or try doing something myself. Thanks!
Submitted by Nobody; posted on Wednesday, January 15, 2003
Any progress made here? Thanks. Primalkid
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