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News & Commentary - Message forums Is Bioinformatics--and Open-Source Software--in ABI's Future?
Submitted by Ron Cecchini; posted on Tuesday, October 01, 2002 (1 comment)
``What big prospect is primed to drive science in the next decade? If you're Michael Hunkapiller, the answer is bioinformatics.

``Speaking at a recent panel discussion here, the Applied Biosystems president said there is a need among individual researchers to have access to information produced by `big science'--that tangle of data produced by the huge academic and nonprofit labs ringing the planet.

``This informatics link, Hunkapiller said, will turn the computer into a tool `viewed as a part of the research repertoire ... just as much as the DNA sequencer or mass spectrometer.'''

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genome viewer
Submitted by Nobody; posted on Thursday, November 21, 2002
Hi to all, Recently I have seen a new product, which visualizes Human genome. The poduct is represented and could be seen at the following address or . I successfully found information for TAL1 gene, and data for his exon / intron structure. It amazed me that I can easy found mRNAs. I also like the way the information is arranged in the different working panes. The possibility to work with all the panes at one time makes it very useful. There are some things that I consider are disadvantages for the product. I would like to have the possibility to choose concrete elements of the mRNAs (e.g. exons) and the possibility for saving the sequences in FASTA format. The other thing which I would like to mention is the visualization of very small exons. I believe that my feedback will help the developers of the product to improve the quality of visualization of the Human genome.
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