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InformationWeek: Torvalds: Open Source keeps people honest
Submitted by Mark Luo; posted on Monday, April 26, 2004
Submitter ``Linus Torvalds, the `father' of Linux, is an expert in, and exponent of, open-source development. InformationWeek recently exchanged E-mail with him.

``InformationWeek: Can you give us a quick update on your work at the Open Source Development Labs? Where do things stand in the effort to develop `data-center Linux'?

``Torvalds: My work personally is very simple: My sole responsibility is literally to `maintain the Linux kernel.' We were very careful indeed to make it clear that different OSDL projects do not actually in any way impact my maintenance, and as such I'm totally independent of other OSDL projects, like the data-center Linux project. Same goes for Andrew [Morton, who maintains the Linux kernel].''

Full interview:

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