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Event: The First Automated Function Prediction Meeting at ISMB 2005
Submitted by Iddo Friedberg; posted on Tuesday, February 01, 2005
Submitter The deluge of genomic information begs the following question: what do all these genes do? Many genes are not annotated, and many more are partially or erroneously annotated. Given a genome which is partially annotated at best, how do we fill in the blanks? We are faced with the problem of predicting protein function from sequence, genomic, expression, interaction and structural data. For all these reasons and many more, automated function prediction is rapidly gaining interest among computational biologists. We are pleased to announce that the first Automated Function Prediction meeting will be held as a Special Interest Group meeting (SIG) of ISMB 2005, June 24, 2005 Detroit, MI USA.

Prior to the meeting we will assess submitted servers for prediction accuracy. The results of the assessment will be discussed and analyzed during the afternoon session. The morning session will be devoted to cutting edge talks in the field.

We are currently seeking talk abstracts, function prediction servers, and meeting sponsors. For further information, including submission instructions, registration, and deadline dates please visit:

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