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    URL: LabStoRe and OrderSys: Free stock/inventory & purchase ordering software for the lab
    Submitted by Santosh Patnaik; posted on Tuesday, November 15, 2005

    LabStoRe (Laboratory Stocks and Records) is a modular stock/inventory management system. Currently, it has modules for cell-lines, chemicals, equipment parts and accessories, plasmids, proteins (antibodies, enzymes, etc.), records (manuals, protocols, freezer sheets, etc.) and miscellanea. Modules can be easily customized or turned off, and new ones can be incorporated. The user system can be set to a laboratory's specific needs (e.g., everyone can access and affect all data or a user may affect only his data).

    OrderSys (Ordering System) is a purchase-ordering system. Most laboratories place orders through a central office (such as the departmental office). The system's database stores vendor and item information, and a user chooses items to order (like e-shopping). The system then prints out an order form which can be passed on to the central office. OrderSys can also be used to track orders and expenditure.

    LabStoRe and OrderSys are free web- and MySQL-based PHP applications.

    LabStore -[...]x.php
    OrderSys -[...]x.php

    LabStoRe -[...]t.htm
    OrderSys -[...]t.htm

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