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BIRCH now available for Solaris/AMD64
Submitted by Brian Fristensky; posted on Tuesday, January 03, 2006
Submitter ========================================================
BIRCH Release A1.96

BIRCH now supports the Solaris/AMD64 platform.

With the latest release, binaries for most BIRCH
core programs are now available for Sun's Solaris/AMD64
machines. In mixed platform environments, BIRCH users
can now run most BIRCH applications transparently with
respect to whether they are logged into a Linux-Intel,
Solaris-Sparc or Solaris-AMD64 host.


The latest release of BIRCH (A1.96) is available at the
BIRCH Web site

under the link 'BIRCH Administrator's Guide'.

A1.96 Release Notes
December 29, 2005
o To simplify the process of making BIRCH documentation Web-accessible,
the birchconfig URL Builder has additional suggested choices for
possible locations of the BIRCH web site and Home directories.
o BIRCH now supports the solaris-amd64 platform. Some programs
are not available for solaris-amd64, including mapmaker and primer3.
o birchconfig.csh has been replaced by Since some
systems do not have csh as a standard part of the system (and
we assume that all Unix systems have sh) this script is better
as an sh script. now checks for the presence
of csh, python and java, and prints error messages if these
are not present. All three must be present to run birchconfig.jar.
o UNINSTALL-birch.csh has been replaced with

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