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Accelerated HMMer and a yum repository available @ Scalable Informatics
Submitted by Joe Landman; posted on Wednesday, May 17, 2006
Scalable Informatics is pleased to announce the immediate availability of our accelerated HMMer implementation, Scalable HMMer.

Installable executables (binaries) and our patch are available from our download site:

All binaries/patches are licensed under the GPL v2.0 as per the original HMMer license, and are unsupported for GPL projects. Commercial licensing and support are available from Scalable Informatics if you require, either for internal use, or for distribution purposes.

Our tests indicate between 1.6 - 2.5x faster HMMer on Opteron using BBSv3 baseline benchmarks as compared to the binary code available at the HMMer website. Other architectures were not benchmarked. Binaries are provided for i*86, athlon, x86_64, em64t, and ia64. They are also available via a yum repository.

For more information:

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