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BIRCH Version A1.99
Submitted by Brian Fristensky; posted on Wednesday, June 28, 2006
Submitter BIRCH Version A1.99

o miniBIRCH is now supported by birchconfig, the graphic
install wizard. The install procedure for minibirch is
almost identical to that for a complete BIRCH installation,
with the addition that for miniBIRCH, the New Install window
will have an additional 'miniBIRCH Master Directory' field.
o New: ArrayNorm - Normalize raw gene array data, prior to analysis
o New: TIGR-TM4 Microarray programs:
ExpressConverter - converts array data to TIGR format
MIDAS - Normalization and analysis
MEV - Multi-experiment viewer for data mining
o New: weighbor: Neighbor-Joining program which produces more reliable
trees than traditional NJ. Available as an option in GDE.
o Documentation pages for Packages and Programs now contain links
to a glossary page which gives definitions for each field on the
o Treetool, the tree editor, is now available for all platforms.
Previously, colormap issues prevented it from running on Solaris.
Thanks to Eric Linton for fixing this problem.
o readseq has been upgraded to version 2.1.23.
o GDE has been upgraded to version 2.4.5. GDE 2.1.5, wrote some
temporary files to /usr/tmp, which is not present on some Debian
systems. GDE 2.4.5 writes these files to /tmp, which is present on all
Unix and Linux systems.
o dapple has been removed from the BIRCH core distribution.


The latest release of BIRCH (A1.99) is available at the
BIRCH Web site

under the link 'BIRCH Administrator's Guide'.

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