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Finally, WikiPoson has been launched
Submitted by Francois Sabot; posted on Tuesday, May 15, 2007 (1 comment)
Submitter Today is a great day for me. One of my main personal achievements is released, the WikiPoson:

It will help students and researchers who are interested in transposable elements as part of their work, to gather information and data about them.

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Submitted by Giovanni M. Dall'Olio; posted on Friday, May 18, 2007
hi! Congratulations! Very nice! :) Just two questions: - Which Wiki Engine have you used? Have you choosen it for any particular reason? I'm asking because I would also like to use a wiki to coordinate my research project, and I don't haven't decided yet which engine (es. Mediawiki, pmwiki, ...) to use. - Why have you called it WikiPoson? :)
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