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    URL: Bioask
    Submitted by lathaprabakar; posted on Monday, May 26, 2008 (1 comment)

    We have developed a framework called Knowledge Discover Suite (KDS), and Bioask is the one of the early products that have evolved from the KDS. It basically combines features of traditional search engine approaches with text mining tools. It finds out facts and relationships between them that are otherwise not obviously noticed. In short, it accelerates research productivity by picking out the right information at the right time from textual data. The tool has got various features such as "bio-entities, entity relationships, visualization, annotate tag," and so on.


    We are welcoming your feedback and suggestions.
    Discussion forums: URL: Bioask

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    Is it 'CGI-able'?
    Submitted by Dan Bolser; posted on Monday, June 16, 2008
    I have been linking BioAsk for a long time from MetaBase - The one problem is that I can't construct a URL to make an 'automatic query' for users ... Will it be possible to submit 'CGI' queries to BioAsk in the future? For example see: The link to BioAsk is at the bottom of the page... I would like to automatically query BioAsk with the string 'TCDB' (in this example) as is done with most of the other links on that page. Looks very cool though :D Dan.
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