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URL: Comparison of bioinformatics journals
Submitted by J.W. Bizzaro; posted on Saturday, September 05, 2009
Submitter Bioinformatics.Org associate director Martin Kucej (author of I, Librarian) put together a list of about 60 journals that explicitly mention bioinformatics in their scope, and he created a sortable table that includes the following information:

- Journal name (with external links)
- Article Influence (from
- Copyright ownership policy
- Access model (open access or subscription)
- Price charges (for submitting an article)

There are also some journals in the list that focus primarily on genomics, proteomics, evolution and systems biology.

URL: [link]

This is part of the growing Bioinformatics.Org Wiki, which contains more than 800 articles on the following topics:

- Information on bioinformatics research topics
- Information and documentation on bioinformatics software, either hosted here or not
- Information on bioinformatics education and careers
- (Auto)biographical information on bioinformatics practitioners, especially members!
- Information on bioinformatics books
- Documentation on using the Bioinformatics.Org systems
- And just about anything else related to bioinformatics

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