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Software: Micro cs: A tool for managing Affymetrix binary files
Submitted by Pietro Hiram Guzzi; posted on Tuesday, November 24, 2009
DNA microarrays are used to measure gene expression levels of genes. After microarray images are scanned and raw expression data are generated, the typical workflow of analysis is structured on six main phases: (i) summarization, (ii) quality control, (iii) normalization, (iv) filtering, (v) statistical analysis, and (vi) biological interpretation. Eg., summarization aims to recognize different genes in raw data, associating to different probes (regions of pixels in images) the unique gene that generated them. Nevertheless, many existing tools, such as the well known TMeV, part of TM4 Suite, currently are not able to automatically summarize recent arrays, such as the Affymetrix ones. micro-CS is a tool that automatizes the summarization, normalization and annotation of Affymetrix microarray data, extending the TMeV tool.


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