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Resources: GEB: Microarray data management system & Arabidopsis gene expression search & visualization tool
Submitted by Ming Zhang; posted on Tuesday, February 23, 2010 (1 comment)
GEB (Gene Expression Browser) is an efficient tool for searching and viewing large-scale microarray data from diverse experiments. GEB is composed of a set of software tools, including microarray data management system, data annotation tools, microarray data processing pipeline and data search and visualization tool. The current GEB web service integrates 301 ATH1 microarray experiments from GEO and NASC. This set of GEB software tools can be easily used in the microarray data from other platforms and species.


Here are several examples of Arabidopsis functions:
- All 301 Arabidopsis ATH1 experiments are listed at: [link]

- Gene View displays all treatments that affect the expression of a selected gene. An example Gene View of Arabidopsis PR-1 gene is at: [link]

- T/C View (Treatment over Control View) displays the expression of all genes under a selected T/C condition. An example of T/C view is at: [link]

- The user can get co-regulated genes of any specific gene. For example, PR-1 has 1305 co-regulation genes that are listed in the order of relationship with PR-1 (refer to [link]); COR15A has 1467 co-regulated genes (refer to [link]). GEB also provide experiment condition network (T/C network) so that users can get all conditions (T/Cs) that have similar expression profile with a selected experiment condition (T/C). For example, a T/C "16 hr Pseudomonas infection" has 199 T/Cs that have similar expression profiles ([link]); "cold 24 hr effects" has 49 T/Cs that have similar expression profiles with it ([link]). The gene network and T/C network (condition network) provides a cross-experimental and systematic understanding on Arabidopsis gene expression as totality.

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guide me to download some microarray data in time-series type or environment condition or samples.
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