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Software: UGENE 1.6.2 released
Submitted by Mike Fursov; posted on Friday, April 02, 2010
Unipro releases a new version of UGENE software:

Main features of the release:
* Visualization: circular view
* New capabilities of alignment editor: selections and configurable consensus mode
* Improved phylogenetic trees viewer
* Protein back translation
* Running workflows on remote PCs
* Restriction enzymes database update user interface improvements
* New and documented scoring matrices
* Importing annotations from CSV files
* Starting from this release Unipro provides universal prebuilt Linux packages for 32 and 64 Linux platforms.

Watch all the changes in our special video podcast episode: [link]

UGENE is a free open-source bioinformatics software. It has friendly user interface, runs on Linux, Windows, MacOS and Solaris, contains a library of highly optimized algorithms and have very moderate hardware requirements to run.

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